Hopeful 2012

January 5, 2012

Oh no! I can’t believe time just zoom past by not leaving any footprints after the only post from 2011!

I’m grateful for 2011.
I’m again so excited, happy and so hopeful about 2012!
So excited about the goals, plans and achieving them. Anything that I’ve not done, practised or known is NEW to me.
New things to learn, to be enlightened, new habit to have, new friends to make, new breakthrough, new me.
Nothing is more exciting than having hope and giving hope.

Wish you a happy and beautiful 2012.


Cheers to 2011!

January 5, 2012

Cheers to 2011!

Eat, swim and do nothing

January 2, 2011

F has a blog called eat, swim, and do nothing. I love this title.

I’ve some goals. First, work for 10 months then Eat, Swim and ‘Do Nothing’ for 2 months. Progressively, work for 8 months, ESDN for 4 months. Work for 6 months, ESDN for 6 months. Work for 4 months, ESDN for 8 months. Work for 2 months, ESDN for 10 months. Work for 0 month, ESDN for 12 months!

Are you making any new year resolutions?

January 2, 2011

I don’t usually have one in the past.

One of my resolutions is to make more pictures. drawings/photography. And picture would tell what my other resolutions are.

Happy 2011!

January 2, 2011


I love this picture. I love every moments we shared in the past decade. 2011 marks the beginning of a new decade. A year with things to achieve, fulfill, learn and enjoy!


December 29, 2010

Hi, my name is Calender.
My job is to remind people that life is a one way street. They couldn’t ‘undo’ or ‘unlive’ their life.
Some like me, some don’t. But I know some of the names of those who don’t like me, for e.g. Regret and Procrastinator. I’ll beware of them.

I’m back!

December 16, 2010

We broke some record for our last holiday. Holiday is about doing something new, seeing something new, and experience something new, right?

#1 We broke our record to pack 2 luggages weighed 40kg for a not-long holidays. 10 days was not long. But 40kg for 2 person is quite a alot for our record. We heard too much about we don’t have to carry our luggages. We wanted to make sure it’s real.

#2 We came back with 52 kg luggages! (from a short trip)

#3 It’s true that we never need to carry our luggages at all, the most painful experience of lugging our luggage is a very small distance to check in counter in airport, then our luggage will be in our room miraculously. When we need to move to another hotel, we only need to put luggage outside of our room.

#4 We were given 2000AED, approximately SGD710 for meal allowance (shopping allowance for us)

#5 We din’t have to think about budget! Accomodation is 5 star, programme, meals and places to visit are all 5 star treatment. It’s more than we could ever imagined. Another miracle sight I witnessed was all husbands encouraged their wives to spend. And when I was deciding about a purchase, an aunty told me: Don’t think too much. Just buy. Spend all then go home and 拼! What a positive spirit! haha

#6 I was touched to see a lot of old couples, have been seeing the world for free every year since young, for the past 20 over years. It’s so sweet and yet rewarding. We have made a pact with each other, every year we’ll be invited to different places until we grow old. I really love travelling. I have a new goal now, I want 8 first class air tix every year for us.

Looking forward to the blurb book I’m going to make for our experience. We really feel thankful for the person who has been telling us for the past 8 years on how fun it is to travel with them. We’ve had doubt for the past 8 years and never imagine this could happen to us too. The journey has just begun. My 8-first-class-tix-a-year project.


Life is great! not because the journey is smooth sailing, but because we have hopes. A friend posted this on her facebook. 不怕吃苦,不怕辛苦,只怕生活太平常,太无趣,无目标,无挑战。I can’t agree more! 让我们一起活得天天精彩!

On holidays soon!

November 21, 2010

Aiyo! I’m so looking forward already!!

Ferrari world, dinner in desert, old colourful dubai, burj tower, modern architecture, camel ride, four wheels drive in desert, dinner at Atlantis the palm, skiing lesson, SHOPPING, Sakkara, Egyptian Museum, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings…

The best thing is, everything is paid for. I’ve heard upteenth times how we will be spoiled during the trip. I’ve been nonchalent for 8 years, now I want to experience it! And also get to travel with a bunch of good friends!

Can’t wait! oh wait, time must not go too fast too, I still have loads to do before the month ends! It’s contradicting ya, ok I REALLY CAN’T WAIT!

Food is the best medicine

November 21, 2010

I heard of this saying from a well known nutritionist, he said food is the best medicine, we grew up with food, not medicine. Our body is a superb machine which can repair itself in no time, if it’s given enough raw materials.

Most of the time we have too little time to think or plan for our meal, stuff ourselves with carbo is the way to go, so our stomach won’t protest! We’re full, but actually not eating enough. Carbo is our best friend. Everything goes nice with rice, noodle and bread. We’ve been educated on this several times that rice, bread, and noodle is a no no. They are empty calories, high sugar and provide little nutrition and etc. BUT we still love our carbo.

However, in order to look good in our upcoming trip, we’ve decided to go lesssssssssssssssssssssss carbo as much as possible we can do it. If can, we’ll avoid it. In return, we’ll eat continuously, without control. The good news is, stomach is always full and I’m happy! and I’ve lost a bit of weight! We’ve been on this for a week now, we eat more food than ever to fill up stomach.

Today I had a good amount of white and red dragon fruits, oranges, green apple, grapes, pineapples, papaya, scallop, black truffle, eggs, prawn, salmon, pork, red bean soup, salad, patatoes, yogurt, corn, longan, red dates, mushrooms, waffles, heh bee hiam, lady fingers and onion bread (opps!)

Another thing I learnt from the class was, keep smiling! Be it true or fake smile. Our body will recognise it as SMILE! Smile means we are in a good mood, means our body is not stressed. Laughter is always the best medicine! We were also told that cancer patients must have been experiencing deeply distressing moments for a period of time, or trauma. We may lie to everyone, but not our body. Ouch! It’s always the mental stress that drain our body and make us aged. 😦

Let bygones be bygones. Our mind is a funny thing, if there’s something to erase our mind from bad memories, it surely is the MOST WANTED product in the world! AHHH!

Keep smiling, keep eating and keep walking! 😉

Are you happy?

November 12, 2010

Life is a matter of choice. And we’re the product of our choices.

Does it mean that we couldn’t complain much because we were not forced to be who we are, where we are? Does it mean that everyone should be living happily, because no one would want to choose the other way round. But why so many people choose the otherwise but wants the opposite outcome, I don’t quite get it.

What is a happier life to me:
– Travelling, travelling and travelling
– Travel more with loved ones
– be healthier
– be prettier
– have more family time
– free from time and money worries
– live a meaningful life with loved ones
– get to experience different kind of lifestyle
– build houses. Tree house, stone house, glass house …

Choices I make today, tommorow, next month, next year, next 3 years, next decade…  is to live a life.

I don’t wish for a limited and bo bian life. Do you?